Home Remedy For An Ear Infection

Mix two to three drops of the clove oil with a quarter teaspoon of olive oil, and saturate a cotton ball with the mixture. Then place it inside the mouth, or bite gently down on the cotton ball. Don't sleep with it in your mouth, though. You can also chew whole cloves for some pain relief.

Activated charcoal, mixed with water to make a paste, and applied to gauze, can help if you bite down gently on the gauze. You can get activated charcoal at many health food stores.

Activated Charcoal – 260 mg 100 caps

Activated Charcoal – 260 mg 100 caps

Solaray's Bayberry Bark of Root 475mg 100Caps

Solaray's Bayberry Bark of Root 475mg 100Caps

An ear infection is a common side effect of colds, sinus infections, and other problems. The small tube that connects the inner ear with the nose becoming blocked usually causes them. Moisture builds up in the ear, and pressure increases. Thus, we get an ear infection.

Natural Remedy For Heartburn

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More Natural Snoring Cures

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Suffering from a cold sore can be quite an embarrassing experience.

Many people avoid going out in public due to being self-conscious of their cold sore problem.

Did you know that there are actually natural cold sore remedies that can completely cure your cold sore in just 3 days?

I have been so happy to discover a method that effectively allows you to do just that. I used to have a cold sore problem myself.


Every few months I would get a cold sore that seemed to last forever. It was so embarrassing for me to go anywhere a lot of people would see me.

Using true cold sore remedies will finally give you the confidence you need to go out in public without anyone seeing your cold sores anymore.

Instead of treating your cold sores only from the outside, this method works from the inside and the outside to truly heal the root cause of your cold sores.

There has to be a better solution to heartburn than prescription drugs and Rolaids.

Well there are some natural home remedy options for heartburn you can choose from in order to avoid putting prescription drugs in your system.

One simple natural home remedy for heartburn is to avoid fatty foods in your diet as these take longer to digest and can cause more acid in the stomach.

Eating a banana when you feel heartburn coming on is also known to help reduce the symptoms of heartburn.

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Home Remedy For Your Toothache

This means that any home remedy for a toothache should be used as a temporary measure only, until you can see a dentist.

There's no known way to remove tooth decay other than mainstream dental practice.

However, there are some toothaches, like the pain you get when wisdom teeth are coming in, or childhood tooth shedding, that are temporary and not worrisome. It's also not always possible to see your dentist right away.

For these cases, there are a number of common options when you need a good home remedy for a toothache.

Clove oil contains a natural pain killer and antibacterial substance called eugenol. For this reason, it's used in oral surgeries like root canals, to prevent bacterial growth. It's also good for home use.

Clove Bud Essential Oil – 0.5 oz